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Find the right on-demand learning activities for you. Labs are short learning activities that teach you a specific lesson by giving you direct, temporary, hands-on access to real cloud resources. Courses are longer activities, consisting of several modules made of videos, documents, hands-on labs and quizzes. Finally, quests are similar, but are usually shorter and contain only labs.

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  1. Quest

    Google Cloud Essentials

    In this introductory-level Quest, you will get hands-on practice with the Google Cloud’s fundamental tools and services. Google Cloud Essentials is the recommended first Quest for the Google Cloud learner - you will come in with little or no prior cloud knowledge, and come out with practical experience that you ca…

  2. Quest

    Create and Manage Cloud Resource

    In questo Laboratorio di livello preliminare, ti eserciterai con gli strumenti e i servizi fondamentali di Google Cloud. "Getting Started - Create and Manage Cloud Resources" è il primo Laboratorio consigliato per chi vuole imparare a usare Google Cloud. Inizierai con poca o nessuna conoscenza di base sul cloud, p…

  3. Quest

    Baseline: Infrastructure

    If you are a novice cloud developer looking for hands-on practice beyond Google Cloud Essentials, this quest is for you. You will get practical experience through labs that dive into Cloud Storage and other key application services like Stackdriver and Cloud Functions. By taking this quest, you will develop valuab…

  4. Quest

    Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud

    Se sei uno sviluppatore cloud alle prime armi e vuoi mettere in pratica le conoscenze acquisite con "Getting Started - Create and Manage Cloud Resources", questo Laboratorio fa al caso tuo. Acquisirai esperienza pratica con i lab che si concentrano su Cloud Storage e altri servizi applicativi principali, tra cui S…

  5. Quest

    Baseline: Data, ML, AI

    Big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are today’s hot computing topics, but these fields are quite specialized and introductory material is hard to come by. Fortunately, Google Cloud provides user-friendly services in these areas and Qwiklabs has you covered with this introductory-level quest, so…

  6. Quest

    Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud

    Big data, machine learning e intelligenza artificiale sono i temi più attuali nel campo dell'elaborazione dati. Tuttavia, questi settori sono piuttosto specialistici ed è difficile trovare materiale introduttivo. Fortunatamente, Google Cloud fornisce servizi facili da usare in questi ambiti e il Laboratorio Qwikla…

  7. Quest

    Cloud Architecture

    This fundamental-level quest is unique amongst the other Qwiklabs offerings. The labs have been curated to give IT professionals hands-on practice with topics and services that appear in the Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Certification. From IAM, to networking, to Kubernetes engine deployment,…

  8. Quest

    Deploy and Manage Cloud Environments with Google Cloud

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Deploy and Manage Cloud Environments with Google Cloud quest, where you will learn how to deploy and manage a containerized application using Google Kubernetes Engine and kubectl; launch a VM-based application and then monitor and stress the application; deploy continuous deliv…

  9. Quest

    Automate Interactions with Contact Center AI

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Automate Interactions with Contact Center AI quest, where you will learn about the features of Contact Center AI, including how to: 1. Build a virtual agent. 2. Design conversation flows for your virtual agent. 3. Add a phone gateway to your virtual agent. 4. Use Dialogflow for…

  10. Quest

    Exploring Data with Looker

    Earn a skill badge by completing the Exploring Data with Looker quest, where you will learn how to use the Explore interface to access data published by LookML developers. In this quest, you will learn fundamentals of data exploration in Looker including but not limited to dimensions and measures, filtering and pi…