Deploy, Scale, and Update Your Website on Google Kubernetes Engine




Create a GKE cluster

Create Docker container with Cloud Build

Deploy container to GKE

Expose GKE Deployment

Scale GKE deployment

Make changes to the website

Update website with zero downtime

Deploy, Scale, and Update Your Website on Google Kubernetes Engine

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Running websites and applications is hard. Things go wrong when they shouldn't, servers crash, increase in demand causes more resources to be utilized, and making changes without downtime is complicated and stressful. Imagine if there was a tool that could help you do all this and even allow you to automate it. With Kubernetes, all of this is not only possible, it's easy!

In this lab you will assume the role of a developer at a fictional company, Fancy Store, running an ecommerce website. Due to problems with scaling and outages, you are tasked with deploying your application onto the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

The exercises in this lab are ordered to reflect a common cloud developer experience:

  1. Create a GKE cluster

  2. Create a Docker container

  3. Deploy the container to GKE

  4. Expose the container via a service

  5. Scale the container to multiple replicas

  6. Modify the website

  7. Rollout a new version with zero downtime

Architecture diagram


What you'll learn

  • How to create a Google Kubernetes Engine cluster

  • How to create a Docker image

  • How to deploy Docker images to Kubernetes

  • How to scale an application on Kubernetes

  • How to perform a rolling update on Kubernetes


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