Image Classification of Coastline Images Using TensorFlow on AI Platform


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faulty instructions and had to figure out the problems myself

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Blake R. · 评论3 天之前

Two issues: first, there were no "Check your progress" anywhere, I dont know if that was on purpose but that helps tracking if we are doing well. Second, while running the notebook, just before making predictions, on the deployment section I got this error:< Framework can not be identified from model path>, just check it out and update the lab or let me know where I could possible made a mistake. Thanks!

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This lab was pointless. All your labs are nearly solely copy/paste and don't teach a person how to solve their own problems, but this one taught even less than any other lab I've completed. Upon completing it, I have absolutely no idea what I did or how to apply Google's tools to my own data, and I have some background in computer vision. Please don't waste our time in your labs. Please teach us how to apply your products to real life!

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