Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in Kubernetes Engine

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All Jenkin builds failed with the following error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No such DSL method 'pipeline' found among steps [archive, bat, build, catchError, checkout, container, containerLog, deleteDir, dir, echo, error, fileExists, getContext, git, input, isUnix, junit, library, libraryResource, load, lock, mail, milestone, node, parallel, podTemplate, powershell, properties, pwd, readFile, readTrusted, resolveScm, retry, sh, sleep, stage, stash, step, timeout, tool, unarchive, unstable, unstash, waitUntil, warnError, withContext, withCredentials, withEnv, wrap, writeFile, ws] or symbols [all, always, apiToken, architecture, archiveArtifacts, artifactManager, batchFile, booleanParam, buildButton, buildDiscarder, caseInsensitive, caseSensitive, certificate, choice, choiceParam, clock, cloud, command, configMapVolume, containerEnvVar, containerLivenessProbe, containerTemplate, credentials, cron, crumb, default, defaultView, demand, disableConcurrentBuilds, disableResume, downloadSettings, downstream, dumb, durabilityHint, emptyDirVolume, emptyDirWorkspaceVolume, envVar, envVars, file, fileParam, filePath, fingerprint, frameOptions, freeStyle, freeStyleJob, fromScm, fromSource, git, headRegexFilter, headWildcardFilter, hostPathVolume, hostPathWorkspaceVolume, hyperlink, hyperlinkToModels, installSource, jdk, jgit, jgitapache, jnlp, jobName, kubernetes, lastDuration, lastFailure, lastGrantedAuthorities, lastStable, lastSuccess, legacy, legacySCM, list, local, location, logRotator, loggedInUsersCanDoAnything, masterBuild, maven, maven3Mojos, mavenErrors, mavenMojos, mavenWarnings, modernSCM, myView, never, nfsVolume, nfsWorkspaceVolume, nodeProperties, nonStoredPasswordParam, none, onFailure, overrideIndexTriggers, paneStatus, parameters, password, pattern, permanent, persistentVolumeClaim, persistentVolumeClaimWorkspaceVolume, pipelineTriggers, plainText, plugin, podAnnotation, podEnvVar, pollSCM, portMapping, projectNamingStrategy, proxy, queueItemAuthenticator, quietPeriod, rateLimitBuilds, remotingCLI, run, runParam, schedule, scmRetryCount, scriptApprovalLink, search, secretEnvVar, secretVolume, security, shell, slave, sourceRegexFilter, sourceWildcardFilter, sshUserPrivateKey, stackTrace, standard, status, string, stringParam, swapSpace, text, textParam, tmpSpace, toolLocation, unsecured, upstream, userSeed, usernameColonPassword, usernamePassword, viewsTabBar, weather, zfs, zip] or globals [currentBuild, env, params, scm]

Debora E. · Reviewed 1 day ago

Jenkins did not work

Himanshu J. · Reviewed 1 day ago

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impressive how it works, very well presented here

Max S. · Reviewed 1 day ago

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