Perform Foundational Data, ML, and AI Tasks in Google Cloud: Challenge Lab

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Tomek G. · 评论大約一小時之前

bruno s. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

Shreyam N. · 评论大約 10 小時之前

learning experince

Srinivasa Rao S. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

Task 4 completion did not work when I did all 3 tasks and the lab failed.

Piotr P. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

Ashutosh L. · 评论一天之前

Ashutosh L. · 评论一天之前

Zoran C. · 评论一天之前

It is a good enough lab. It will be great to have one that connects all these tools into a single problem, as it is currently just doing the 4 separated tasks in a single lab.

Javier F. · 评论一天之前

Design should be improved. Better split this challenge into other chapters. Progresses should be able to save after the session.

HA H. · 评论一天之前

Gaurav T. · 评论一天之前

Gaurav T. · 评论一天之前

Eirini M. · 评论一天之前

Daniel G. · 评论一天之前

Ritwik M. · 评论一天之前

Ashutosh L. · 评论一天之前

Pranav B. · 评论一天之前

Trifacta takes time too long, Google AI save to bucket is bad

Efraim W. · 评论一天之前

Javier F. · 评论2 天之前

Utkarsh S. · 评论2 天之前

Bret S. · 评论2 天之前

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aishwarya v. · 评论3 天之前