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Reynaldo L. · Reviewed etwa 4 Stunden ago

Biswarup G. · Reviewed etwa 6 Stunden ago

Missing step to set the $PROJECT_ID before the python step Run this simulation script so that it creates the Google Pub/Sub topics python ./ --project $PROJECT_ID

Kevin S. · Reviewed etwa 9 Stunden ago

Many of the commands had issues

Nikhil L. · Reviewed etwa 17 Stunden ago

ARJUN S. · Reviewed ein Tag ago

Maheshkumar V M. · Reviewed ein Tag ago

Chaitra H. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

For some reason variables such as $project_id are not set. That complicates the lab, but makes it more interesting.

Efrain C. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Rajkumar C. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Shalini P. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

shell ends whenever some command is copied.

Srilatha B. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

Ranjitha K. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

I Komang A. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

Muralidhar Rao L. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

MANTRI, M. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Akash D. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Yunjia L. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Sindhuja D. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Sindhuja D. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Juan Carlos G. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Good but there was an error and I had to set environment variable PROJECT_ID to be able to continue.

Graham W. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago


Apangshu S. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago


Marcin M. · Reviewed 7 Tage ago

Alwin V. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

Sachin K. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago