Confluent: Running Apache Kafka on GKE

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An-ting S. · 评论大約 12 小時之前

For "Stepup NGINX Ingress" step 6, it is still using service. Which is down for a while. Please help update the lab to use alternative service.

Cheuk Kwan C. · 评论大約 22 小時之前

Cheuk Kwan C. · 评论大約 22 小時之前

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Volodymyr B. · 评论5 天之前

Audrey G. · 评论9 天之前

good learning

Rajesh B. · 评论11 天之前

Paweł L. · 评论11 天之前

It doesn't teach what it said. No practical for pushing data to topics.

Atul M. · 评论14 天之前

Sharon F. · 评论16 天之前

Holger S. · 评论17 天之前

Yen F. · 评论17 天之前

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Purnima T. · 评论21 天之前

good learning

Rajesh B. · 评论21 天之前


hooligan t. · 评论23 天之前

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小白 林. · 评论大約一個月之前

章弘 笠. · 评论大約一個月之前

展維 林. · 评论大約一個月之前

didnt complete got error in between

francis a. · 评论大約一個月之前

Stenio A. · 评论大約一個月之前

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