Hosting a Web App on Google Cloud Using Compute Engine




Create GCS bucket

Copy startup script and code to Cloud Storage bucket

Deploy instances and configure network

Create managed instance groups

Create HTTP(S) load balancers

Update the frontend instances

Scaling GCE

Update the website

Hosting a Web App on Google Cloud Using Compute Engine

1 个小时 30 分钟 5 个积分


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


There are many ways to deploy web sites within Google Cloud with each solution offering different features, capabilities, and levels of control. Compute Engine offers a deep level of control over the infrastructure used to run a web site, but also requires a little more operational management compared to solutions like Google Kubernetes Engines (GKE), App Engine, or others. With Compute Engine, you have fine-grained control of aspects of the infrastructure, including the virtual machines, load balancers, and more. In this lab you will deploy a sample application, the "Fancy Store" ecommerce website, to show how a website can be deployed and scaled easily with Compute Engine.

What you'll learn

At the end of the lab, you will have instances inside managed instance groups to provide autohealing, load balancing, autoscaling, and rolling updates for our website.

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