Modular Load Balancing with Terraform - Regional Load Balancer




TCP load balancer with regional forwarding rule

Modular Load Balancing with Terraform - Regional Load Balancer

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Load balancing on Google Cloud is different from other cloud providers. Google Cloud uses forwarding rules instead of routing instances. These forwarding rules are combined with backend services, target pools, URL maps and target proxies to construct a functional load balancer across multiple regions and instance groups.

Terraform is an open source infrastructure management tool that can simplify the provisioning of load balancers on Google Cloud by using modules.


In this lab, you will learn how to:

  • Use load balancing modules for Terraform
  • Create a regional TCP load balancer
  • Create a regional internal TCP load balancer
  • Create a global HTTP load balancer with Kubernetes Engine
  • Create a global HTTPS content-based load balancer

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