Dynamic VPN Gateways - Cloud Routers

Dynamic VPN Gateways - Cloud Routers

1 hour 10 minutes 7 Credits


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab, you configure Cloud Routers using the Console. The Cloud Routers will implement VPN gateways configured with BGP. BGP provides dynamic network discovery and eliminates the need to configure or maintain static routes. When successful you will be able to ping the internal IP of the VM in a newly discovered subnetwork via an auto-populated route.


In this lab, you learn how to perform the following tasks:

  • Create two networks to represent your VPC and on-premises network with a VM in each network to test connectivity.
  • Connect the two networks using Cloud Routers.
  • Add a new subnetwork and verify that Dynamic BGP routing is working.

Before you click the Start Lab button

Read these instructions. Labs are timed and you cannot pause them. The timer, which starts when you click Start Lab, shows how long Cloud resources will be made available to you.

This Qwiklabs hands-on lab lets you do the lab activities yourself in a real cloud environment, not in a simulation or demo environment. It does so by giving you new, temporary credentials that you use to sign in and access the Google Cloud Platform for the duration of the lab.

What you need

To complete this lab, you need:

  • Access to a standard internet browser (Chrome browser recommended).
  • Time to complete the lab.

Note: If you already have your own personal GCP account or project, do not use it for this lab.

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