Deployment Manager - Automating Network Deployment

Deployment Manager - Automating Network Deployment

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Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab, you create a Deployment Manager configuration along with templates to automate the deployment of a custom network. Specifically, you deploy 3 networks with firewall rules and VM instances as shown in this network diagram:


The configuration you create in this lab makes use of template and environment variables.

  • Template variables are abstract properties that allow you to declare the value to be passed to the template in the *.yaml configuration file. You can change the value for each deployment in the *.yaml file without having to make changes to the underlying templates.

  • Environment variables allow you to reuse templates in different projects and deployments. Instead of representing properties of resources, they represent more global properties such as a Project ID or the name of the deployment.


In this lab, you learn how to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a template for a auto-mode network

  • Create a template for a custom-mode network

  • Create a template for firewall rules

  • Create a template for VM instances

  • Create and deploy a configuration

  • Verify the deployment of a configuration

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Verify deployment

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