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Service Directory: Qwik Start

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91 Reviews

very unsatisfied. The live interface and navigation is different to the steps mentioned in the lab instructions. Please make sure that the version of the live environment corresponds with the instructions

Bart P. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Unable to create service or endpoint via the console, had to do it from the cloud shell. This lab doesn't really show off the benefits of using Service Directory tied with an application or service endpoint. I don't quite see the benefits of this service with this lab.

Ester M. · Reviewed 15 gün ago

Herbert H. · Reviewed yaklaşık 1 ay ago

Chiranjeevi C. · Reviewed yaklaşık 1 ay ago


hooligan t. · Reviewed 2 ay ago

Stefan H. · Reviewed 5 ay ago

The first task did not work. A namespace could not be created via Console. I created one via gcloud but the progress check did not grant the points.

Kirk K. · Reviewed 6 ay ago

I could not find the way to create a namespace folliowing the instructions, it may have changes since the lab has been written. I would have loved to get ready to use cli commands to tests resolution of the service, or even an small predeployed app to see it working on a realistic workload

JF M. · Reviewed 6 ay ago

not able to crete namespace

Gabriel G. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Kshitij D. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Giuseppe M. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Nick H. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

sonali d. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Martin G. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Piotr K. · Reviewed 7 ay ago

Marcela I. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

Eldad C. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

Diego C. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

Instructions are very out of sync with the UI. Probably out of date.

Karolína N. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

Padraic P. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

Adrianus Y. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

UI has changed and I'm not able to create namespace

Lukasz B. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

I dont see any create namespace option as per the directions in the lab

Bhavyesh J. · Reviewed 8 ay ago

lan B. · Reviewed 9 ay ago

dhdhdhhdd j. · Reviewed 9 ay ago