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Confluent: Developing a Streaming Microservices Application


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Alberto L. · 已于 13 天前审核

Steven w. · 已于 23 天前审核

Diego C. · 已于 24 天前审核

Steven w. · 已于 25 天前审核

A lab with great potential totally ruined by poor implementation. Firstly, making changes in the code, and then see it thrown away at the last step, is beyond my understanding. Make sure the students can play around with the code and see what else they can do with it. Without this, the biggest part of the lab is a waste of time. Secondly, the overcomplicated code that disperses the focus from what's important in the lab. Not to mention bad naming practices (serdes1 - serdes6, for example) and forgotten Single Responsibility principle. The code needs to be simplified so the students could edit smaller files with a few lines of code with the focus on kafka stuff. The topic itself is very interesting and the idea itself to illustrate different streaming approaches is also cool. But this lab needs some refactoring.

Pavel K. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

bit to much copy+paste lab, not to much expected from user

Piotr U. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

An-ting S. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核


Rex L. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

It doesn't work

Jiangjun H. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

Sindhu I. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

Sindhu I. · 已于 大约 1 个月前审核

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Pedro Paulo M. · 已于 大约 2 个月前审核

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Cheuk Kwan C. · 已于 大约 2 个月前审核

Rajesh B. · 已于 2 个月前审核

Srinivasan A. · 已于 2 个月前审核

Sharon F. · 已于 2 个月前审核

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Ilona M. · 已于 2 个月前审核

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Purnima T. · 已于 2 个月前审核


hooligan t. · 已于 2 个月前审核

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