Ensure Access & Identity in Google Cloud: チャレンジラボ


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Lele Abhijeet · 約1時間前にレビュー済み

Jamróg Agata · 約5時間前にレビュー済み

It should be mentioned that the cluster has to be zonal, not regional

Papuga Jakub · 1日前にレビュー済み

Was presented an incorrect error message for 15 minutes - "orca_storage_update" name for my IAM custom role was being flagged as incorrect name, although that's what the instruction asks me to name the IAM custom role.

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Myśliwiec Dariusz · 4日前にレビュー済み

9/14/21 - Great lab! That was challenging. Although I got confused at some point about the identity of the main and ancillary project id's, I am glad the jumphost worked out.

Wong Moria · 4日前にレビュー済み

shah nirav · 4日前にレビュー済み

Hard. I was afraid that the kubernetes cluster deployment was going to timeout like it did in the last lab.

Meyer Jennifer · 4日前にレビュー済み

somehow frustrating but still nice

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