Check Point: Next-Gen Data Center Security CloudGuard for Google Cloud

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Check Point: Next-Gen Data Center Security CloudGuard for Google Cloud

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This lab was developed with our partner, Check Point. Your personal information may be shared with Check Point, the lab sponsor, if you have opted-in to receive product updates, announcements, and offers in your Account Profile.


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Organizations are starting to adopt public cloud environments as an extension of their internal Data Centers (DC) to gain operational flexibility and lower operational costs. The increasing number of applications in DC has led to a dramatic increase in network traffic between the different servers/application inside DC (east-west traffic).

However, when it comes to security, the focus has been on protecting the entrance to the DC, and the perimeter, but there are few controls to secure east-west traffic inside the data center. This represents a critical security risk where threats can traverse unimpeded once inside the data center. Furthermore, traditional security approaches to this problem are unable to keep pace with the dynamic network changes and rapid provisioning of applications in a cloud environment.

Check Point CloudGuard for Google Cloud with its advanced threat prevention capabilities will allow you to deal with that security risk and minimize it. This lab will provide you with some getting started steps required to get familiar with the Google Cloud environment & how to deploy a basic day to day scenario with CloudGuard in place. You will understand and simulate a real-life use case to grasp the ease of deploying automated advanced security protections within the Google Cloud. You will walk through a few simple exercises to illustrate the benefits of having security integrated into a virtual networking platform. These exercises are incremental; they start from basic setup and progress into more advanced scenarios.

RDP Requirements

In this lab, you will need to use RDP to log into a Windows VM. You can either use the Chrome RDP for Google Cloud extension or Microsoft Remote Desktop. If you are on a Windows machine, it is highly recommended to use Microsoft Remote Desktop as it will be a much better user experience.

Note: If you choose to use the Chrome extension, using an Incognito or Guest window will not work. Please make sure you are logged in to your project with a regular Chrome window and proceed with the lab.


In this lab, you will:

  • Prepare your public cloud environment for deployment

  • Deploy a Check Point CloudGuard cluster on Google Cloud

  • Create and configure the Cluster object on SmartConsole

  • Create an access policy and publish/install it on the Cluster

  • Create hosts in two different departments/locations and test the connectivity between them.

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