Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine: Challenge Lab

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Great quest and this challenge as well. Few things to fix in this challenge: 1. These paragraphs are confusing and they contradict each other with the values. Was the second paragraph supposed to mention another deployment? ``` Apply horizontal pod autoscaling to your frontend deployment in order to handle the traffic surge. Scale based off a target cpu percentage of 50 and set the pod scaling between 1 minimum and 13 maximum. Of course, you want to make sure that users won’t experience downtime while the deployment is scaling. To make sure the scaling action occurs without downtime, set the deployment to scale with a target cpu percentage of 50%. This should allow plenty of space to handle the load as the autoscaling occurs. Set the deployment to scale between 1 minimum and 10 maximum pods. ``` 2. loadgenerator doesn't contain `` file in its "main" container in image version v0.2.4 so the given command to run load tests fails. But rolling back image's version to v0.2.3 fixed the issue for me.

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