Google Sheets as a Reporting Tool: Sheets API


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There is a bug in this labs section "Sync Data", as the code snippet uses the function "models.Spreadsheet.findByID" which was replaced in Sequelize version 5 by "models.Spreadsheet.findByPk"

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not able to complete

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Was getting 'models.Spreadsheet.findById is not a function' error in routes.js file Looked up same file in Git repo - replacing findById->findByPk fixed it.

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Errors in code: models.Spreadsheet.findById( should have been models.Spreadsheet.findByPk(

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Hey! That was nice. However I found a mistake that was easy to fix: when you're adding the sync functions, in `routes.js`, the function `findById()` won't work. That function was replaced by findByPk() in Sequelize v5. Thanks!

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very good

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not able to complete on time

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