Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring

Stackdriver Kubernetes Monitoring

1時間 15分 クレジット: 5


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab you'll try out some of the unique features that let you to monitor and troubleshoot your Kubernetes applications with Kubernetes Engine Monitoring, which integrates metrics, logs, events, and metadata.

This lab uses a demo web application called the Petclinic to demonstrate the features of Kubernetes Engine Monitoring .

What you'll do:

  • Get rich observability of your Kubernetes environment with Kubernetes Engine Monitoring
  • View Kubernetes Logs with Cloud Logging
  • Inspect the various Kubernetes components in your application
  • Monitor Prometheus metrics with Cloud Monitoring

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  • Google Cloud Console への一時的なアクセス権を取得します。
  • 初心者レベルから上級者レベルまで 200 を超えるラボが用意されています。
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