Container Registry: Qwik Start

Container Registry: Qwik Start

40 minutes 1 Credit


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Google Container Registry is a private container image registry that runs on Google Cloud Platform's reliable, fast, and secure infrastructure.

You can access Container Registry through secure HTTPS endpoints, which allow you to push, pull, and manage images from any system, VM instance, or your own hardware. Additionally, you can use the Docker credential helper command-line tool to configure Docker to authenticate directly with Container Registry.

While Docker provides a central registry for storing public images, you might not want your images to be accessible to the world. To control access to your images, you must store your images in a private registry.

This hands-on lab demonstrates how to build a Docker image containing a basic Python web app, and push it to Google Container Registry.

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Pushing your image (quickstart-image)

Run Step

/ 100