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Christelle M. · Reviewed about 18 hours ago

Deepak M. · Reviewed about 19 hours ago

Jishnu V. · Reviewed about 21 hours ago

Alexandre L. · Reviewed 1 day ago


Jason H. · Reviewed 1 day ago

Scott L. · Reviewed 2 days ago

Sreenath C. · Reviewed 3 days ago

Very Complicated Lab which does not clearly calls out steps required to perform on the systems. Please check out Google Assistant labs which are far easy to complete.

Sarvesh H. · Reviewed 4 days ago

Carl B. · Reviewed 5 days ago

Aisha F. · Reviewed 6 days ago

Aisha F. · Reviewed 6 days ago


Aswin Raj M S M. · Reviewed 6 days ago

文廣 謝. · Reviewed 6 days ago

The Apps Script API never became enabled. I arrived at the step where the user is instructed to input [clasp create "clasp Lab"] in the Google Cloud Shell, and even after following the directions to enable the API, I would continue to get the following response: User has not enabled the Apps Script API. Enable it by visiting then retry. If you enabled this API recentl y, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry. googlefree143010_student@cloudshell:~/clasp_lab (qwiklabs-gcp-79b0188a2b681811)$ Another thing I should point out is that right after inputing the create command, I was prompted to select from [standalone, docs, sheets, ...] in the shell. Perhaps there has been an update to clasp and this Qwiklab is not yet compatible with those changes. Worth looking into for sure.

Ian D. · Reviewed 6 days ago


Marlo M. · Reviewed 7 days ago

Harsh D. · Reviewed 8 days ago

Pankaj S. · Reviewed 11 days ago

Pankaj S. · Reviewed 11 days ago

deepthi a. · Reviewed 11 days ago

deepthi a. · Reviewed 12 days ago

博彥 洪. · Reviewed 14 days ago

poorly explained

Jonathan H. · Reviewed 16 days ago

Leo T. · Reviewed 19 days ago


Anush B. · Reviewed 19 days ago

Sekhar D. · Reviewed 19 days ago