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A Tour of Cloud IoT Core

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8/16/21 Good lab. Clear instructions, easy to follow along up to the step Replace device control simulation with Cloud IoT Core. Overall, the lab could be more elaboration on what the command lines do. * In Use Cloud IoT Core with Virtual Devices, I would recommend updating python version before installing the specified google-api-core version by running `/home/student_01_441538d04be6/python-docs-samples/iot/api-client/end_to_end_example/env/bin/python -m pip install --upgrade pip; pip install google-api-core==1.16.0` * The reference link for the troubleshooting page was broken: * In Replace device control simulation with Cloud IoT Core, the step where we add the command `implementation ''` into the APP build.gardle script when compared to the source GitHub, it appears that there are a few dependencies missing from the file in the lab. * In Replace device control simulation with Cloud IoT Core, the command for converting the private key to PKCS8 from PEM form resulted in an empty file after running the command: `openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -inform PEM -outform DER -in rsa_private.pem \ -nocrypt > rsa_private_pkcs8`

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