Using AWS Lambda with Amazon CloudWatch and SNS to Implement a Slack Chat Bot

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Shehbab K. · Reviewed sekitar 2 jam ago

Bryan S. · Reviewed sekitar 10 jam ago

Constantin D. · Reviewed sekitar 15 jam ago

Oksana L. · Reviewed sekitar 19 jam ago

Kelly R. · Reviewed 1 hari ago

my test didn't work again! also I couldn't get back to slack to check my results

Kelly R. · Reviewed 1 hari ago

Alan H. · Reviewed 3 hari ago

Kristin D. · Reviewed 5 hari ago

Shah A. · Reviewed 5 hari ago

Tyler L. · Reviewed 6 hari ago

Chandra Bhushan T. · Reviewed 6 hari ago

sumit G. · Reviewed 6 hari ago

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Junya H. · Reviewed 7 hari ago


Mazen a. · Reviewed 8 hari ago

Shane N. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Sandra A. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Himanshu K. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Holly W. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Michal S. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Wish the lab did more than just post a Slack message from a Cloudwatch event. I'd be more interested to create an actual chat bot that you can interact with.

Tom C. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Part with CloudWatch alarm is confusing.

Peter S. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

ArunKarthik M. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

I had some trouble getting the SNS to update my slack room from the CloudWatch alarm. The Test of the lambda worked great but the actual alarm didn't.

Alison C. · Reviewed 10 hari ago

Jon B. · Reviewed 10 hari ago