Monitoring and Logging for Cloud Functions

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Surachart O. · Reviewed etwa 4 Stunden ago

There are some inconveniences here, first it's not possible to create a metric chart separately, just one chart with two metric separated by filters -- we can see it on "Results" results. Second, it's not possible to save the chart without create a Dashboard before. Apart from that, everything is ok.

Francis R. · Reviewed etwa 11 Stunden ago

Good cloud function lab

Yunis Arif S. · Reviewed etwa 23 Stunden ago

good one

Vinodraj J. · Reviewed etwa 23 Stunden ago

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Akshay G. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

wrk in progress

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Joyce Sylvia v. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

wrk in progress

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