Protect and Recover Compute Engine Instances with Actifio GO

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Protect and Recover Compute Engine Instances with Actifio GO

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Actifio GO for Google Cloud is a SaaS offering which enables powerful enterprise class backup and disaster recovery for Google Cloud residents and on-premises workloads.

Actifio supports the following workloads.

  • Compute Engine instances, on-premises VMware, and Google Cloud VMware Engine VMs
  • SAP HANA, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, Db2, MongoDB, and databases running on physical servers

Key Features:

  • Application consistent incremental forever capture of databases and VMs which reduces RPO significantly
  • Instant recovery on-premises or in the cloud which reduces RTO to minutes
  • SLA driven data management
  • Google-like search catalog for file / folder restore directly from Persistent Disk or Nearline/Coldline to the VM of choice
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest

Google Persistent Disk Snapshots

Google Persistent Disk (PD) snapshots incrementally back up data from your persistent disks. You can use PD Snapshots to restore that data to a new disk or to create a whole new Compute Engine Instance. Compute Engine stores multiple copies of each snapshot across multiple locations with automatic checksums to ensure the integrity of your data.

PD Incremental snapshots work as follows:

  1. The first successful snapshot of a persistent disk is a full snapshot that contains all the data on the persistent disk.
  2. The second snapshot only contains any new data or modified data since the first snapshot. Data that hasn't changed since snapshot 1 isn't included. Instead, snapshot 2 contains references to snapshot 1 for any unchanged data.
  3. Snapshot 3 contains any new or changed data since snapshot 2 but won't contain any unchanged data from snapshot 1 or 2. Instead, snapshot 3 contains references to blocks in snapshot 1 and snapshot 2 for any unchanged data.

Google stores these snapshots in a Cloud Storage multi-regional location closest to the region of the source disk.

What you'll do:

In this Lab you will use Actifio to automate the creation and removal of Compute Engine persistent disk snapshots to create backups of Compute Engine VMs. You will achieve this by following these steps:

  1. Create a service account and assign required roles

  2. Validate that Private Google Access is enabled for your Sky Appliance

  3. Add cloud credentials to the Actifio GO management plane

  4. Create an SLA template and define backup policies

  5. Discover Compute Engine instances using the Actifio GO management plane

  6. Run a snapshot of the Compute Engine instance

  7. Restore the Compute Engine instance to an alternate region


  • Familiarity with Google Compute Engine and PD snapshots

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