Google Assistant: Qwik Start - Templates

Google Assistant: Qwik Start - Templates

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Google Assistant is a personal voice assistant that offers a host of actions and integrations. From sending texts and setting reminders, to ordering coffee and playing your favorite songs, the 1 million+ actions available suit a wide range of voice command needs. Google Assistant is offered on Android and iOS, but it can even be integrated with other devices like smartwatches, Google Homes, and Android TVs.

As you will soon find out, Actions is the central platform for developing Google Assistant applications. Actions work with a number of human-computer interaction suites, which simplifies conversational app development. Actions templates allow you to build custom Assistant applications within minutes—an ideal choice to get up and running quickly.

In this lab you will get hands-on practice with Actions and templates by building an Assistant application that generates trivia questions. You will gain experience with the fundamentals of this computer-human interaction suite and by the end you will have built a fully-fledged Google Assistant application.

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