Kafka の IoT データの Google Cloud Pub/Sub へのストリーミング

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King Daniel · 約3時間 前のレビュー

good walkthrough with regards to kafka introduction

Mamaliev Sergei · 約10時間 前のレビュー

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Chuang Johnson · 2日 前のレビュー

I think for the last Step IOT Simulator, it would be nice to have a reminder note that IOT simulator VM can be created only in us-central1 and two other regions. Accepting defaults may create VM in other non-supported regions and one would realize only when they run the create iod-device instruction.

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LEE HEECHANG · 3日 前のレビュー

gcloud pubsub subscriptions pull from-kafka --auto-ack --limit=10 return Listed 0 items.

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Nathavani Ashish · 4日 前のレビュー

von Ahsen Niclas · 4日 前のレビュー

A little confusing, specially after you create the first ssh window, the next bunch doesn't tell you that you have to return to the shell console. BTW, this comment window should not be modal, it prevents me to go back in the doc to check how the exact text is

Moyano Pablo · 4日 前のレビュー

It is a best lab!~

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