A Tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud

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Vu L. · 评论7 分鐘之前

It was awesome.

Ankit K. · 评论9 分鐘之前

Vitalino P. · 评论9 分鐘之前


tony k. · 评论12 分鐘之前

Ivy C. · 评论29 分鐘之前

Don't have enough time to explore fully all the console options. It should provide longer time to try things on our own to get familiarize much more than just few options

Sadasiva P. · 评论31 分鐘之前

muito boa a plataforma

EDUARDO C. · 评论33 分鐘之前


裕行 谷. · 评论37 分鐘之前

WILLIAM P. · 评论大約一小時之前

Matheus D. · 评论大約一小時之前

Very helpful!

Gustavo L. · 评论大約一小時之前

Vijayalaxmi K. · 评论大約一小時之前


Daniel V. · 评论大約一小時之前

Very helpful

Gustavo L. · 评论大約一小時之前

Isha I. · 评论大約一小時之前

good service

FireRust x. · 评论大約一小時之前

Osdinei W. · 评论大約一小時之前

nice tour!

gabriel m. · 评论大約一小時之前

Kammie I. · 评论大約一小時之前

Muito bom mesmo!

Ezequias F. · 评论大約一小時之前

Bem explicativo, didático, com bom workflow.

Gustavo L. · 评论大約一小時之前

Alessandro L. · 评论大約一小時之前

Alessandro L. · 评论大約一小時之前

Kammie I. · 评论大約 2 小時之前

Muito BOM!

Luis Henrique B. · 评论大約 2 小時之前