Exploring Google Ngrams with Amazon EMR

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venkatesh m. · Reviewed etwa 10 Stunden ago

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Chowdhury Faizal A. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Awesome lab! I already knew how to create an EMR cluster but had never accessed it directly using hive statements and hadn't used Ganglia before to monitor the cluster jobs. Very informative.

Jeff H. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago


Haidong C. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

second time i am trying to get through the lab. Once i create the cluster i am not able to connect to the master host. Initially i tried from my office and i was told that it is because my org use bastion host (amazon employee), then i tried from my home and i got the same error. I seem to just loose credit and i cant even get past the Task 1!!! I am an Amazon employee and this is AWS !!

Sundaram S. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Excellent lab

Alejandro A. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago


Tony W. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

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Ibrahim A. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

Good Going

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