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second time i am trying to get through the lab. Once i create the cluster i am not able to connect to the master host. Initially i tried from my office and i was told that it is because my org use bastion host (amazon employee), then i tried from my home and i got the same error. I seem to just loose credit and i cant even get past the Task 1!!! I am an Amazon employee and this is AWS !!

Sundaram S. · 약 2시간전에 리뷰됨

Excellent lab

Alejandro A. · 약 13시간전에 리뷰됨


Tony W. · 약 13시간전에 리뷰됨

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Ibrahim A. · 약 15시간전에 리뷰됨

Good Going

jashwant k. · 3일전에 리뷰됨

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