Exploring Your Ecommerce Dataset with SQL in Google BigQuery

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Ryma B. · 评论大約 3 小時之前

time too short

HA H. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

JERALD JAMES S. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

Too short on time, since my browser was not cooperating I had to spend 5 minutes accessing the data set. I managed like 80% of the lab. But stressed on time, so couldnt take my time to understand. Then I missed the last part. The 30 minute time cut off is too short and just make things harder. Why on earth only 30 minutes?!

Viktor M. · 评论大約 7 小時之前

No opportunity to think over queries, they'are already given

Marina T. · 评论大約 8 小時之前

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Access Denied: Project data-to-insights: User does not have permission in project data-to-insights. Request ID: 7804750629819531681

Pawel L. · 评论大約 13 小時之前

it was great introduction to BigQuery

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