Introduction to Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling


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not enough. simple scaling policy and target tracking should be included in the lab for completeness.

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Interesting demo

Robert K. · 评论大约 2 小时之前

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Great lab that cover the auto scaling!

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It was easy to follow; however, I'm not sure why/context the steps are needed.

Sara F. · 评论大约 3 小时之前

Needs to elaborate on why things are done, not just tell people to do them

Noel P. · 评论大约 3 小时之前

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Matt I. · 评论大约 3 小时之前

Steps were clear and concise but was unclear as to why the steps were being preformed. (What are the benefits?)

Malvin R. · 评论大约 3 小时之前

Very Satisfied

Dennis L. · 评论大约 3 小时之前

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It is step by step but I am not sure why am I doing those steps and what is happening when i perform some action

praveen d. · 评论大约 5 小时之前