Serverless Architectures using Amazon CloudWatch Events and Scheduled Events with AWS Lambda (日本語版)

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Mostly good. I think step 56 might be appearing in the wrong order.

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aws is previewing a new alarms page - this page is what came up when completing Task 6. At first, I didn't switch to the legacy page, so the instructions didn't match. Also, there where some error messages popping. Once I switched back, everything lined up. Just thought you should know. :)

Schwartz Robert · 2日 前のレビュー

Is event template name "Amazon CloudWatch" ?

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The lab used a generic metric to look for errors across all lambda functions however it should have explained this in more detail or it should have shown us how to specifically look for the error metric for the specific lambda function we created. The lab was too high level and too basic.

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