Using Tableau Desktop with Amazon Redshift (日本語版)

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slow performance of ec2 instance

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Unable to complete lab - unable to open RDP file in Microsoft Remote Desktop and CoRD (MacOS Mojave v10.14.6). In Microsoft Remote Desktop: "We couldn't connect to the remote PC. This might be due to an expired password. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance. Error code: 0x207" In CoRD: "The host name could not be resolved.".

Егоров Андрей · 21日 前のレビュー

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Daraie Mobin · 24日 前のレビュー

connecting to rep via Mac is not clear

Kumar Sharvan · 24日 前のレビュー

connecting to rep via Mac is not clear

Kumar Sharvan · 25日 前のレビュー

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Siddavarapu Praveen · 約2ヶ月 前のレビュー

It is impossible to complete the labs in time sorry But I learnt about Tableu a lot as a beginner

Yilmaz Eralper · 約2ヶ月 前のレビュー

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