Creating a Gmail Add-on

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Kenny C. · 약 4시간전에 리뷰됨

Either the lab set up or the instructions are incorrect. I and two of my coworkers haven gotten stuck after installing the developer add-on in Gmail. We get: "Installed developer add-ons: This developer add-on is restricted by policies within your organization. (AKfycbzaRiPP45YPt-szs8IGS-F9zpKS4kJVhNOuBH4AurVT)" Each time we reach Step 9 of the "Deploy the add-on" section

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Harsh S. · 약 9시간전에 리뷰됨

Gmail add-on is flaky, adding/removing labels only works sometimes

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nice learning ... add-ons gmail nice

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It's missing updated instructions to enable developer add-ons. The qwiklabs gsuite org has policies that disable the add-on from executing.

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