Creating a Gmail Add-on

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Unable to enable add-on as not allowed by policy.

Jesper B. · Reviewed 1 день ago

Jon G. · Reviewed 1 день ago

Add on doesnt even load due to error "This developer add-on is restricted by policies within your organization". Everything that should be enabled is so is most likely a timing issue however, 30 mins lab exercise to not see anything is poor and should be noted in the lab notes to warn users!

Carl B. · Reviewed 3 дня ago

Sergio C. · Reviewed 3 дня ago

文廣 謝. · Reviewed 3 дня ago

Little light on background re: what's going on

Scott L. · Reviewed 4 дня ago

Ilya R. · Reviewed 5 дня ago

Gmail Setting -->Add-on--> my add on (it has warning i.e. This developer add-on is restricted by policies within your organization ) In the section of "Run the add-on", It did not reflect the newly created addon to the right-hand side of open email. I have verified that all API was enabled under Admin Console-->Security-->API Permission but still same issue. Does it some time to reflect the add-on. --Regards, Pankaj

Pankaj S. · Reviewed 6 дня ago

Hunaid V. · Reviewed 7 дня ago

Neeraj J. · Reviewed 8 дня ago

Jared L. · Reviewed 8 дня ago

博彥 洪. · Reviewed 9 дня ago

Quen L. · Reviewed 10 дня ago


Jonathan H. · Reviewed 11 дня ago

Keerthana P. · Reviewed 11 дня ago

hwang h. · Reviewed 11 дня ago

Leo T. · Reviewed 13 дня ago


Anush B. · Reviewed 14 дня ago

Hobivola A. · Reviewed 14 дня ago

Harsh D. · Reviewed 15 дня ago

Sekhar D. · Reviewed 15 дня ago

repeat steps a-c should be repeat 4-5

GH C. · Reviewed 19 дня ago


Mudji S. · Reviewed 20 дня ago

Darpan S. · Reviewed 20 дня ago

Stupid lab. When trying to install the Add-on I got the error: "This developer add-on is restricted by policies within your organization." May I remind you that I paid credits for this lab. Can you refund those!?

Sebastiaan J. · Reviewed 21 дня ago