Working with AWS CodeCommit on Windows

Working with AWS CodeCommit on Windows

1 hour 30 minutes 8 Credits

SPL-112 Version 2.0.2

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This lab provides you with practice on AWS CodeCommit.

Topics covered

In this lab you will:

  • Create a code repository in AWS CodeCommit
  • Connect to your Windows EC2 instance
  • Configure AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell to enable connections to the AWS CodeCommit service
  • Create your local repository by cloning your remote CodeCommit repository
  • Make Your First Commit Using Visual Studio Code
  • Use the AWS CodeCommit console to view the files you committed
  • Make a commit using the CodeCommit console
  • Explore the CodeCommit console

Amazon EC2 Windows Server instance has been created for you to use in the lab. Both Microsoft Visual Studio Code and the Git client have been installed on the Windows instance. This lab takes about 10 minutes to launch.

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