Record Linkage

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Record Linkage

1 hour 7 Credits


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Record linking is the task of identifying similar or duplicated records in a database and forming a consolidated set. Finding similar objects within datasets, and forming groups, is often referred to as clustering in statistics. Clusters are composed of similar objects, with respect to a specific characteristic that can be measured.

An example is shown below where a record database has two identical individuals both with the same name but with a misspelled address. In this context, record linkage is focused on forming the link between these records (green line).


In this lab you will work on a record-linkage problem and learn about one way to solve the problem. Specifically, you focus on:

  • Blocking: using BigQuery to reduce the number of comparisons that you need to make to identify duplicates.

  • Comparing attributes: using common text comparison methods to measure how similar names and address fields are in a database.

  • Detection: forming a simple classifier by thresholding similarity metrics.

  • Clustering: applying hierarchical clustering to group duplicates.

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