Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Firewall: Automating Deployment with Terraform

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Yasuhiro Y. · 评论大約 22 小時之前

Nicolas C. · 评论4 天之前

Nice Intro to Terraform.

Venkatesh S. · 评论4 天之前

aya s. · 评论10 天之前

Scott K. · 评论11 天之前

wouldn't configure and load appropriately. received errors on json key file even after key creations showed key was available.

Neil R. · 评论12 天之前

Jenny Z. · 评论12 天之前

Aaron K. · 评论12 天之前

brian w. · 评论12 天之前

lab environment crashed and project no longer exists. i couldn't finish.

brian w. · 评论12 天之前

James S. · 评论12 天之前

Gareth M. · 评论13 天之前


Daniel H. · 评论14 天之前

Bejoy M. · 评论14 天之前

Dianne T. · 评论14 天之前

Daniel H. · 评论14 天之前

Vivek K. · 评论14 天之前

Shankar S. · 评论16 天之前

Mani R. · 评论16 天之前

Surya T. · 评论17 天之前

missing steps when editing the config in the CLI

Jake P. · 评论18 天之前

This one's missing A LOT of steps for the uninitiated. As someone with essentially zero bash scripting experience, I had to fumble my way around. Things like explaining that you can use "edit <>" and edit via the built-in editor would be massively helpful. Overall, this was a neat lab, and I enjoyed it more than a lot of the others I've done today. That probably has to do with me being a net eng, but I was underwhelmed by the presentation. Many of the foundational labs are better-edited.

Maximilian F. · 评论18 天之前

Gaiane D. · 评论18 天之前

Jason Redskin Y. · 评论20 天之前

Ravi C. · 评论20 天之前