Cloud Operations for GKE


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nothing to do with GCP... no hands on.. all is done with Terraform.. and user needs to run just 3 commands that's it..

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I need my lab credits to be refunded to me as QWIKLABS scoring system is having issues with MULTIPLE LABS...Frustrated...

Bennie L. · 已于 10 天前审核

the first checkpoint failed due to an internal error. The monitoring part is quite dry, I think more information would be useful on what exactly to monitor and why, maybe another example. also more explanation on prometheus integration would be useful

Arthur T. · 已于 11 天前审核

Problem 1: stack driver monitoring is not recognized. Checked that stack driver api, stack driver monitoring api are enabled. Problem 2: Prometheus errors FailedMount: Secrets/configmaps not found FailedMount: Volume mount error

Janardhan P. · 已于 11 天前审核

workspace montiroing check doesnt work

Dion H. · 已于 12 天前审核

workspace montiroing check doesnt work

Dion H. · 已于 12 天前审核

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All labs with Cloud Monitorng workspace check are broken!

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