Logging with Stackdriver on Kubernetes Engine

Logging with Stackdriver on Kubernetes Engine

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Stackdriver Logging can be used aggregate logs from all GCP resources as well as any custom resources (on other platforms) to allow for one centralized store for all logs and metrics. Logs are aggregated and then viewable within the provided Stackdriver Logging UI. They can also be exported to Sinks to support more specialized of use cases. Currently, Stackdriver Logging supports exporting to the following sinks:

  • Cloud Storage
  • Pub/Sub
  • BigQuery

In this lab you will deploy a sample application to Kubernetes Engine that forwards log events to Stackdriver Logging. Terraform, a declarative Infrastructure as Code tool that enables configuration files to be used to automate the deployment and evolution of infrastructure in the cloud. The configuration will also create a Cloud Storage bucket and a BigQuery dataset for exporting log data to.

This lab was created by GKE Helmsman engineers to give you a better understanding of Stackdriver Logging. You can view this demo on Github here. We encourage any and all to contribute to our assets!

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Use Terraform to set up the necessary infrastructure


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View Logs in BigQuery


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