Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes

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Martijn E. · Reviewed yaklaşık 3 saat ago

Jigar C. · Reviewed yaklaşık 6 saat ago


vikas d. · Reviewed yaklaşık 7 saat ago

Abdoulaye S. · Reviewed yaklaşık 8 saat ago

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Jeremiah R. · Reviewed yaklaşık 24 saat ago

Abel A. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

good to go!

chris k. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Time to short tho but good work its amazing.

fon b. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Andrew W. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Nice detailed lab

Robin S. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Darpan P. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Mentioned time out error is not a timeout, but a Connection refused error.

Juan G. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

the section that says "now will give you a timeout" is incorrect, it gives you a "connection refused"

Jonatan O. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Marley M. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Fleur S. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

JiaMing Y. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

very good

문병준(대학원/경제대학원 금융공학전공) ‍. · Reviewed 1 gün ago

Muy bueno y explicado, pero podría ser mas visual, ya que todo es por consola y hay pasos que se pueden hacer desde la misma consola de GCP.

Gabriel N. · Reviewed 2 gün ago

wei-chieh l. · Reviewed 2 gün ago

Steven I. · Reviewed 2 gün ago

lot of information; some details could be explained with regards to the .yaml file (liveness and readiness probe) or maybe that is covered later

Marty M. · Reviewed 2 gün ago