Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes




Create a Kubernetes cluster and launch Nginx container

Create Monolith pods and service

Allow traffic to the monolith service on the exposed nodeport

Adding Labels to Pods

Creating Deployments (Auth, Hello and Frontend)

Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes

1 ora 15 minuti 5 crediti


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


In this lab you will learn how to:

  • Provision a complete Kubernetes cluster using Kubernetes Engine.
  • Deploy and manage Docker containers using kubectl.
  • Break an application into microservices using Kubernetes' Deployments and Services.

Kubernetes is all about applications. In this part of the lab you will use an example application called "app".

App is hosted on GitHub and provides an example 12-Factor application. During this lab you will be working with the following Docker images:


Kubernetes is an open source project (available on which can run on many different environments, from laptops to high-availability multi-node clusters, from public clouds to on-premise deployments, from virtual machines to bare metal.

For this lab, using a managed environment such as Kubernetes Engine allows you to focus on experiencing Kubernetes rather than setting up the underlying infrastructure.

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