ネットワーク ロードバランサと HTTP ロードバランサを設定する

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I had to restart the lab three times... one time i could 'nt logged in, another time it was an issu with the region... I could'nt rerun the commands to correct my answers

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More explanation needed about the architecture of the HTTP(S) load balancer

Solís Mario · 34分 前のレビュー

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I got this error "Invalid value for field 'resource.targetPools[0]': '" in the SDK at this stage : gcloud compute instance-groups managed create nginx-group \ --base-instance-name nginx \ --size 2 \ --template nginx-template \ --target-pool nginx-pool I was stuck there.

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I would like more explanations on concepts with diagrams or so.

Rodríguez M. · 約2時間 前のレビュー