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Ritik S. · 评论大約 3 小時之前

David B. · 评论大約 3 小時之前


Soham P. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

It is very practical, but I didn't really learn much about what I was doing. Mainly just copying and pasting.

Brandon S. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

Amitrajit B. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

Mayur M. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

eroor in framework

Soham P. · 评论大約 4 小時之前

Stuff not working

Kartik A. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

a _. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

maaaan that was harddddd; and i have to search most of the things now

devnash_ G. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

Hita A. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

needs more clarification with regarding warnings

Boping L. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

Xuan L. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

Keshav . · 评论大約 5 小時之前

David B. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

Vishal J. · 评论大約 5 小時之前

杨 迪. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

I have a chromebook and it caused many technical difficulties for me. I am at google headquarters and was unable to complete the lab within an hour, even with help, because I spent so much time working through technical difficulties with my chromebook compatibility with cloud console. I would urge you to make this work better with other google products, and extend the time limit to 1 hour 15 because if you run into any technical difficulties, an hour is not enough.

Arianna G. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

needs more clarification with regards to python version

Boping L. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

Elina P. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

AZ 1. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

AZ 1. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

David B. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

Ashok S. · 评论大約 6 小時之前

Jari H. · 评论大約 6 小時之前