Dataproc: Qwik Start - Command Line

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I liked the explanation on what the command specified (Submit a job)

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Cluster fails to build as you need to specify a region: student_00_7ba5343d995a@cloudshell:~ (qwiklabs-gcp-00-150e7bcb9141)$ gcloud dataproc clusters create example-cluster ERROR: (gcloud.dataproc.clusters.create) Error parsing [cluster]. The [cluster] resource is not properly specified. Failed to find attribute [region]. The attribute can be set in the following ways: - provide the argument [--region] on the command line - set the property [dataproc/region] I added the --region parameter and created the cluster but the "check my progress" button did not work even though the cluster existed and could be seen via: gcloud dataproc clusters list --region us-east1

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