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Global region deprecated

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Akhmed T. · 약 11시간 전에 리뷰됨

Again... update your instructions. This is irrelevant. Some labs are flawless, great content and flow. Then I run into something that totally does not work because either GCP changed or instruction is irrelevant. It's too cumbersome to go through this labs and stick all the time with support (not always possible to resolve). Too much time and energy to go through these courses, it's disappointing.

Kamil W. · 약 11시간 전에 리뷰됨

Arezki A. · 약 11시간 전에 리뷰됨

Poor - Lab failed. Cannot use global region as per instructions for creating cluster. It says dataproc image 2.0 does not support soon to be deprecated global region and to use non-global region which when I do it create a cluster. But then the progress Check fail me (points earned 0) and it says I need to create global region cluster.

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Kamakshi K. · 약 17시간 전에 리뷰됨

muy bueno. hay que indicar que la region global no es soportada por version 2.0

Gustavo Eduardo Y. · 약 19시간 전에 리뷰됨

Setting region to global ended in an error.

Nathaniel P. · 약 19시간 전에 리뷰됨