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Ingesting FHIR Data with the Healthcare API

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There is an access issue to the public data set that has to be used in this class. I could not go any further since I didn't have access to dataset `hcls-testing-data' to be pinned to Big Query. I am a Google employee and am always asking my customers to try out Healthcare API using qwiklabs, but this would have been a bad experience for them as well.

Sid D. · Reviewed 17 يوم ago

I was unable to finish this lab properly because of the unavailability of the dataset "hcls-testing-data" in the BigQuery. I kindly request you to fix this issue and let not any kind of these problems arise in the future, so that the users might not get disappointed because of these them. Thank you.

Isaac G. · Reviewed 19 يوم ago

Access to the FHIR dataset in bigquery is missing IAM role. Please fix it.

Narasimha S. · Reviewed 19 يوم ago

Yi-chen C. · Reviewed 19 يوم ago

Data set was mising.... a

Khoa T. · Reviewed 19 يوم ago

hcls-testing-data loaded no data sets

Oloruntoba O. · Reviewed 19 يوم ago

Đức L. · Reviewed 23 يوم ago

Ramu K. · Reviewed 24 يوم ago

after pining the dataset, no data appeard - I cannot complete

Piotr U. · Reviewed 26 يوم ago

Tanawin R. · Reviewed 27 يوم ago


Metaz R. · Reviewed 27 يوم ago


Fouad M. · Reviewed 28 يوم ago


Rayane a. · Reviewed 29 يوم ago

The "hcls-testing-data" public project in BigQuery the lab asked me to load doesn't seem to exist, and I was unable to proceed with the lab

Jeremiah H. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Great lab. Thank you

Kenny H. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

yaswanthkumar p. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

This lab contained very helpful tasks for someone learning how to leverage FHIR data in GCP

Will R. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Hey C. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

cloud shell terminal closed when I switched back to read the instructions. Could not proceed further.

Peter T. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Boyan Y. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

I could not get the query in de_id to work. I continually got this error: Error running query Not found: Table qwiklabs-gcp-00-e6e2e65eda22:de_id.Patient was not found in location us-east1

LeAnn B. · Reviewed حوالي شهر واحد ago

Trevor W. · Reviewed حوالي شهران ago


HariHara R. · Reviewed حوالي شهران ago


Ramu T. · Reviewed حوالي شهران ago

Hyungjoon P. · Reviewed حوالي شهران ago