Using OpenTSDB to Monitor Time-Series Data on Cloud Platform

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google3440313_student@cloudshell:~/opentsdb-bigtable (qwiklabs-gcp-e0bc219643c01821)$ gcloud config set container/new_scopes_behavior true ERROR: (gcloud.config.set) Section [container] has no property [new_scopes_behavior]. google3440313_student@cloudshell:~/opentsdb-bigtable (qwiklabs-gcp-e0bc219643c01821)$ gcloud conatiner clusters create opentsdb-cluster \ > --no-enable-autoupgrade \ > --no-enable-ip-alias --no-enable-basic-auth \ > --no issue0cluent-certificate \ > --metadata disable-legacy-endpoints=true \ > --scopes "","" ERROR: (gcloud) Invalid choice: 'conatiner'. Maybe you meant: gcloud services enable gcloud auth activate-service-account gcloud auth configure-docker gcloud auth list gcloud auth login gcloud auth print-access-token gcloud auth print-identity-token gcloud auth revoke gcloud endpoints services add-iam-policy-binding To search the help text of gcloud commands, run: gcloud help -- SEARCH_TERMS google3440313_student@cloudshell:~/opentsdb-bigtable (qwiklabs-gcp-e0bc219643c01821)$

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JiaMing Y. · Reviewed 6 days ago

Hi, there is a couple of mistakes on the gcloud container instruction. This is the fixed one: gcloud container clusters create opentsdb-cluster \ --no-enable-autoupgrade \ --no-enable-ip-alias --no-enable-basic-auth \ --no-issue-client-certificate \ --metadata disable-legacy-endpoints=true \ --scopes "",""

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press esc key before :wq

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maybe have a tutorial on the different settings of a yaml file

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Great lab on BigTable. Would have been nice to see the data going in / out but unnecessary for the scope of the lab.

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