Firebase SDK for Cloud Functions

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Tofig B. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

bjorn r. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Rahul S. · Reviewed 3 jours ago

Needs a rewrite to reflect some changes in the Firebase UI

Graeme M. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Hiếu N. · Reviewed 5 jours ago

very good

Thiago Z. · Reviewed 5 jours ago

not working as expected

Jason G. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Omkumar B. · Reviewed 6 jours ago

Omkumar B. · Reviewed 7 jours ago

Lou B. · Reviewed 7 jours ago

関島 泰. · Reviewed 8 jours ago

Huy N. · Reviewed 9 jours ago


Mark K. · Reviewed 11 jours ago

Dinh T. · Reviewed 11 jours ago

Sultan Saladdin -. · Reviewed 11 jours ago

Ignacio B. · Reviewed 11 jours ago

Aditya P. · Reviewed 12 jours ago

Elvin O. · Reviewed 13 jours ago

Sathish V. · Reviewed 14 jours ago

Firebase must improve!

Emre D. · Reviewed 14 jours ago

This lab needs updating so that the instructions match the current UI, for example at one point you're saying to add a project but the UI has you doing this via saying that you want to do a new project. Also, even though I was entering messages into the chat, the Firebase console said that the project had no database, so ??? Maybe I will try again later ...

Tané T. · Reviewed 15 jours ago

Arjun B. · Reviewed 16 jours ago

Bad! So many problems occured with this lab. First I was having trouble with setting support mail for the firebase project. Then I reported a bug about this to firebase support team. Now the cloud project is using datastore and because of this reason I couldn't use Firestore Database. GCP allows to enable one at a time.

Yunus Emre G. · Reviewed 16 jours ago

Ulaş Ş. · Reviewed 17 jours ago

The changes to firebase are not reflected properly in this Qwiklab, none of this is up to date, using the database in Firebase doesn't work, and won't let you enable it after the fact. Please update this Qwiklab.

Draconis N. · Reviewed 17 jours ago