Deploy ASP.NET Core App to Kubernetes Engine

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pradeeptejaswi c. · Avaliado 1 dia atrás

Content should be updated, we create HelloWorld .net Core application with version 3 and Dockerfile is based on 2.0 one, port proxy 8080 and 8081 don't work for me, please can you check if gcp updated its policies, thanks.

Pocteo F. · Avaliado 3 dias atrás

Andrew R. · Avaliado 4 dias atrás

There were errors with the aspnetcore version.... (2.1 vs 3.0).... see the chats with screenshots for more information.

Andrew R. · Avaliado 4 dias atrás

Christian B. · Avaliado 5 dias atrás


Lee C. · Avaliado 5 dias atrás

Ludovic R. · Avaliado 5 dias atrás

Javier T. · Avaliado 7 dias atrás

Dr.Ravindranath k. · Avaliado 9 dias atrás

mohammed B. · Avaliado 9 dias atrás

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Anush B. · Avaliado 10 dias atrás

Lee C. · Avaliado 11 dias atrás

Commands did not match with the info in the Cloud Shell, such as version and process of running docker

Diego S. · Avaliado 11 dias atrás

İsmail Can M. · Avaliado 13 dias atrás

Ionel B. · Avaliado 14 dias atrás

Needs updated from 2.1 dotnet to 3.0 dotnet

Phil G. · Avaliado 20 dias atrás

no file "netcoreapp2.1, only have version netcoreapp3.0 provided in this lab - "student_00_7e6d9888c7ba@cloudshell:~/HelloWorldAspNetCore/bin/Release (qwiklabs-gcp-00-3876348bd887)$ ls netcoreapp3.0"

Ramsey T. · Avaliado 20 dias atrás


Majd J. · Avaliado 22 dias atrás

Ibrahim A. · Avaliado 23 dias atrás

Didiet Agus P. · Avaliado 23 dias atrás

Moises M. · Avaliado 24 dias atrás

Ramsey T. · Avaliado 24 dias atrás

Richard S. · Avaliado 25 dias atrás

dotnet version that is installed on gcp shell is 3.0.100 need to update lab to use that or how to revert down to 2.0

matt p. · Avaliado 25 dias atrás